These notes are addressed to young people. We encourage you to take a lead on your application.


You can apply for an AYM Award if

You're aged 5 - 17

You can apply anytime after your 5th birthday and before you 18th birthday.

You're living and studying in the UK

England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Island, Isle of Man, Channel Islands. If you've lived in the UK for fewer than three years, read this.

You're an instrumentalist, composer, producer or song-writer

We value all genres and styles of music equally. We don't make Awards for vocal studies but singers can apply if you're looking to further your writing or producing, or for support towards a second study instrument.  

Your family are on a lower income

  • You're eligible if the total income of any parents/carers in your home is less than £30,000 a year. 
  • You may be eligible if it's between £30,000 - £40,000 a year.
  • It's unlikely you'll be eligible if it's above £40,000 a year.

Click for more about means-testing 

What about musical talent? 

Yes, we're looking for musical talent but talent looks like many things. You're on your own musical path and we want to hear about it. Show us that: 

  • you have the potential and passion to take your music to a high level with the right support 
  • you've made great progress with whatever music education you've had access to and you now need support to take your next steps 
  • you love what you do and have ideas for how you want to develop as an artist 

How do I apply?

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